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The Beginning


The three of us Jodi, Trilby and Lorrie had worked together at a similar vaccine clinic for many years. The need for the three of us to collectively brainstorm, came when we were informed, at the end of our shift one day, that the company was closing, effective that day.

Considering our passion for what we did, and our love of small animals, we quickly knew what we had to do. The need to make affordable vaccinations available to all pets, compelled us to act quickly. We offered to buy the clinic; two weeks later we opened our clinic, Shot Spot Vaccinations.


Our Belief


Because we are committed to our community, we do our best to keep vaccinations cost lows. We offer free basic exams, with purchases, and no disposal fees are charged. We invest quality time with all of our pet owners to ensure all questions, and concerns, are answered.


To This End


Throughout the years, our clients have remained loyal, vocalizing their appreciation for our services. We are the ones that appreciate their patience, in particularly during our recent location changes. We owe them our deepest gratitute.

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